What is it?

Online-results is a fantastic service that has almost become an obvious choice for most clubs.
Organizers publishes start lists directly from Equipe for the upcoming weekend and the competition is automatically created at Equipe Online.

Every small change that is made in the start lists is updated online.
This means that you can easily keep track of what time you will start.

Once a class has started and the judges has given the start signal for the first rider, it is reflected online.
Thanks to Equipe Realtime (jumping) och Equipe Percent (dressage) you can follow the class live, all the way from start signal to finish line and final time/score.
This is a reflection of what´s going on on the competition course at he same time.



How does it work?

All computers from where you publish information have to be connected to the internet.

Start lists and time schedule should be published from the show office since most of the changes are made there, while the online-result is directly sent from the the judge's box.
Every submitted result in the judge's box is automatically updated on Equipe Online at the same time.

All information from the competition software Equipe creates dynamic content online. Logos and flags are linked in from our databases.

After the competition has been created online, the organizer can log in on Equipe Online and put the finishing touches on the time schedule, publish course designs and much more. Texts and headlines can be changed online to clarify the information without affecting the system at the competition.


Equipe Online Mobile

The possibility to quickly and easily access information wherever you are has become a matter of course. Even when it comes to the equestrian matters.
Through our mobile-customized website, you can easily keep track of the timeschedule, start times and planned breaks.
You can also follow the class live through Equipe Realtime (jumping) and Equipe Percent (dressage).

On Equipe Online you also find zone maps and course designs which is a great thing to access.
No more running around asking where the vet is stationed if you´re a little late. And you also have a much better track of which rider is on the course right now and how many riders that starts before you do. This makes it easy to get a better idea of which time you have to start preparing your horse.
It also has a positive effect on the environment because of all the prints we save while checking the start- and result lists online.


SMS and Email subscriptions

Subscribe on start information and results for a specific rider or horse.
SMS- and email subscriptions are avalailable through Equipe Online.


Pimp your ride

Highlight yourself or your sponsor in start- and result lists. Upload a sponsor logo or link visitors to your facebook, twitter, website or blog.

Pimp your ride