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Welcome to Equipe AB

Equipe AB has a long history of developing systems to the equestrian sport.
We also have a extensive competition service where we set up temporary networks at competitions and run our administration system, Equipe 4, with scoreboards, tv-graphics, online-results and provide computer hardware to the show office, judge's box and speaker.

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Equipe is used by over 500 organizers in Sweden of which many oh them have been with us since the start in 1988. It´s is also used in Finland and Germany.
Equipe supports the administration of jumping, dressage, eventing, reining, endurance and breeding evaluation.
The system comes in several different versions.
Do you have questions or want advice on which version to choose?
Contact us: support@equipe.com, +46 42 400 4447

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Equestrian life online

The possibility to quickly and easily access information wherever you are has become a matter of course. Even when it comes to the equestrian matters.
Through our website, you can easily keep track of the timeschedule, start times and planned breaks.
You can also follow the class live through Equipe Realtime (jumping) and Equipe Percent (dressage).

On Equipe Online you also find zone maps and course designs which is a great thing to access.
No more running around asking where the vet is stationed if you´re a little late.
And you also have a much better track of which rider is on the course right now and how many riders that starts before you do. This makes it easy to get a better idea of which time you have to start preparing your horse.
It also has a positive effect on the environment because of all the prints we save when checking the start- and result lists online.


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Contact us for more information info@equipe.com or +46 42 400 4447